Headache Racks for Semi-Trucks

When you need a workable, yet superior, enclosed headache rack, trust us to build it. All of our headache racks are fabricated in our shop by our experienced staff and are dura-coated on the inside to prevent condensation problems. We manufacture headache rack cabinets for a variety of needs including:

  • Walk-through designs
  • Three or four door configurations
  • Day cab racks with a window that matches window in back of cab
  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Tread plate or stainless steel doors

From standard to customized to full-custom, we will fabricate your headache rack cabinet to include anything you want like:

  • Fully wrapped stainless steel rack with mirrored finish
  • Custom-designed interior shelving
  • Painted to color match your truck
  • Tarp rail for top storage
  • Light bars
  • Special mounting strobes

For exceptional durability we use a full-frame bolt installation process that includes a 14″ steel plate that goes through the foot and the frame. If you want a simple, yet stable u-bolt installation process, we will build and ship your headache rack cabinet to you.