Equipment List

The following is a partial list of equipment available for Brunner Fabrication’s services:

Wiedematic Mach 2 Punch Press with Multi-Station Turret is a fully automatic punching system delivering stability and reliability every time.

Cincinnati Press Break 135 CB2 x 8 feet with variable dies features computerized controls that allow for a specific bend angle that is complete and exact.

Partial List of other equipment:

Cincinnati 5 ton x 12ft bed

Verson 150 ton x 10 ft bed

Verson 5 ton x 6 ft bed22+6

Guifil up-acting 30 ton w/ 6 ft bed

Cincinnati shear 3/16 cap w/ 10 ft bed

LVD Shear 3/16 cap w/ 10ft bed

Wiedemann 15 station punch press

Roper Whitney 35 ton punch press

Piranha end punch machines 42 ton & 47 ton & 120 ton

Hardridge second operation tool room lathe

Conwer notch machines – 8 ga cap